Robyn Abbatiello's PhotoSince 2001 I, Robyn Abbatiello, have worked as a graphic designer specializing in commercial print design and web design.  I have designed many original artworks for projects such as product labels, extended content labels, peel and seal multi panel labels, logos, catalogs, magazines, sell sheets, folders, door clings, brochures, display headers, shelf talkers, banners, truck art, cartons, boxes, web sites, point of purchase (POP) marketing materials and promotional materials…

I have worked very closely with many, clients, print shops and different kinds of print presses in the industry, to ensure the highest quality at the final print production stage.  This inside knowledge has helped me to better develop my skills as a freelance graphic designer by not have to rely on the print shop to alter my file in the final printing process, which simply means what you see on your screen is the same as what gets printed.  Anyone working in a print shop, doing prepress work, knows that this can be very difficult, time consuming and costly to the client if the artist does not take into consideration certain key elements.

What is this web site all about?

I offer a wide range of graphic design services in customized print design and web design.

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